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What's my username? It's the same as your WebAdvisor Username. To retrieve your username, go to WebAdvisor ( Click on "Account Information" then go to and provide the required information on the "What's my User ID?" page.

What's my password? It's your birthdate in the form of MMDDYY (example: If you were born on June 14, 2007, your passsword will be 061407)

Why can't I login or Why do I get an error after logging in? Please contact our 24/7 IT Support at 671-735-2640 or

Is this evaluation anonymous? Yes. We need you to login to link to your specific course/faculty evaluations for the semester but once you authenticate, you will be redirected to an outside system, CollegeNET, which keeps your personal evals anonymous and secure. CollegeNET just releases the anonymous evaluation results to UOG after the evaluation sessions are completed.

How long will I have access to the evaluation system? Please refer to the University’s Academic Calendar for the “Faculty Evaluation” timelines which allow students access to participate in the evaluations.